I would like to welcome and thank everyone in advance for visiting my blog. As the title suggests, this site is dedicated to Autodesk Revit and architecture.  The intention of the blog is to generate open discussion regarding the use, management, and implementation of the Autodesk Revit software. 

Having used the software for nearly ten years now (managing and implementing for 6), this blog will act as a vehicle to organize and compile my thoughts for managing, implementing and using the software in an effort to foster an open discussion of the same.  I am just one voice and represent one approach to managing, implementing, and using Autodesk Revit; however, others may have different approaches to the same issues. Revit is a powerful and complex building information modeling software.  I truly believe we all can learn something from one another and equally have great ideas to offer.  Remember, "there is not one of us that is smarter than all of us."

Make it, don't fake it.

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