Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Changing Perspective

Here is something that I thought everybody knew, but alas, I was incorrect. I just had a user approach me asking how to get a perspective to fit onto the white space of an 8-1/2 x 11 title block.  His original image was only about 1.5" high.  After letting him explain his process of stretching the crop region, adjusting the camera, etc...I showed him the Size Crop option from the Ribbon.  All the other stuff he tries was merely changing the field of view of the perspective.  If your cone of vision gets to wide, objects on the peripheral become disproportionate.

Now, you may have trouble finding this at first. What you need to do is select the crop region of the perspective view, this will activate the contextual ribbon.  At the end of the ribbon choose, Size Crop.

This will activate a dialog box where  you can then enter exact sizes.  Be careful here, however. If you do not choose the "Scale (locked proportions)" button, it will be no different than stretching the crop region as previously mentioned.  Scaling locks the proportions of the crop region w/o changing the field of view.

Make it, don't fake it.

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