Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Interior Elevation Profiles

As many of us are aware, Revit does not profile interior/ exterior elevations automatically.  Now granted, profiling a space does not absolve the contractor(s) from building what is indicated on the drawings, but I think that taking the extra couple minutes to profile speaks more to graphical clarity than anything else.  We are designers after all.  Why shouldn't our drawings look nice?

There is nothing really earth-shattering here, but what I like to do is us a masking region to generate the interior elevation profile.  I trace the shape of the room using a line style that has a wight of 4 (5 could be used for scales larger than 1/4"=1'-0").  I then draw a rectangle outside the limits of my elevation crop region using the invisible line style.  The area between the two boundary lines is "wiped-out", leaving you with a profiled interior elevation.  Pretty simple, but effective.

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