Monday, May 14, 2012

Callouts Variation

Here is a callout method I like to use in our documents to give them a little hand drafting flair.  This has become so popular with our users, I have included this as a standard callout type in our template file. Here is what I did.

  1. Using the Manage tab, I used the Additional Settings pull-down menu and created a new callout type.  I changed the callout head to "None" and increased the corner radius to 5/8".
  2. Next I created a new callout view type and assigned the new callout tag to the view, so now I have this option available when creating callout views.
  3. Next I create a line style that mimics the callout boundary - this will come into play later.
Now that I have created all my parts, I generate my callout view.  This will still add the callout to your project browser; however, you will notice that there is no callout head - just the boundary.

  1. inside the callout view, I create a masking region "donut", where the inner circle has the callout boundary line style applied and the outer circle is an invisible line style.
  2. Once I have the masking region cropping the view the way I like, I place the view on the sheet.
  3. I use dashed lines to connect the two callout boundaries.
A relatively simple way to add that little extra something to your documents.

Make it, don't fake it.

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